Get Learned Up With Us

  • Learn the Art

    Making candles is similar to making music. You will learn how scents harmonize with one another and how each piece fits into the delicate puzzle of candle making.

  • Make Lasting Memories

    Bring your friends, family, co-workers, or random strangers to make some candles with you! Share the light as you all laugh, learn new skills, and craft beautiful candles and memories.

  • Walk Away Knowledgable

    Not only will you know how these beautiful candles are made, but you will also walk away with an intense appreciation for them and a dedication to their care.

$35 per person gets you 60-90 minutes of laughs, your handmade candle, candle knowledge, and lifelong memories.
  • Perfect for a date night, party, group event, or family time!
  • Accommodation of 2-10 people.
  • $50 deposit

*CANCELLATION POLICY*: If you must cancel your group activity, you must do so within 24 hours of the scheduled time.

So you want to learn our candle-making secrets? Let's get you learned up.

Come learn the harmonious art of candle making. Bring some friends, students, co-workers, group members, or family members! All are welcome.

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