I want to plan a candle-making party!

Great! We can't wait to guide you through the process. The cost is $35 per person, and if the party is after hours, there will be a deposit of $50. Shoot us a message detailing the number of people participating and the time you are looking at, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I am sending in an old candle jar!

Awesome. Thank you for recycling our product containers and giving them a second life. Contact us below and let us know that you need a shipping label, and we'll get one emailed to you as soon as possible! You will also receive a code for 10% off your next order!

I want Rae of Sunshine to represent my handmade and eco-friendly items!

Fantastic! Send me a detailed message to let me know what you sell or would like to sell, and we can see if your items will fit in at the shop!

Get in touch with us!

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