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Rae of Sunshine Collective

Rae of Sunshine | "Custom Label & Scent" Handmade Eco-Friendly Personalized Soy Wax Candle

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Our personalized candles are exactly what you want to imagine them to be! Come to us with your new piece of creativity. Maybe you're attending a party soon and you would love to give some custom gifts that shine with a personal message. Think of the perfect message, whether funny or gushy, and we will send you your greatest gift yet!

We have a selection of curated scents that harmonize well with the air around you. They are made of 100% soy wax, making them eco-friendly and plant based. Their wick burns longer and brighter than traditional candle, with a crackling wood wick that serenades the ears. 

1. Select your scent

"Texas Nights"- Let this candle bring the fresh scent of humidity during a night of stargazing in a Texas field! Top notes of greenery and citrus, middle notes of coconut and floral, and bottom notes of musk and sandalwood. 

"Volcanic Rock"When lit, this candle transforms the most static of environments into a tropical bliss. Top notes of citrus and lemon, middle notes of lime and grapefruit, and bottom notes of exotic fruit and greenery.

"Oakmoss Amber"- You light this candle and suddenly, you are in the middle of the forest thinking about your favorite things. This scent engages the senses with top notes of grapefruit, citrus, and sage, middle notes of lavender, and bottom notes of tonka bean, amber, and oakmoss. 

"Galactic Skies"- Once you light this candle you will be transported to a luxurious spa sauna. Top notes of bergamot, lime spritz, and rose, middle notes of jasmine, and bottom notes of sandalwood, exotic amber, and vanilla. 

"Rhinestone Cowboy"- Burn this candle to feel like you are riding out on a horse at a star-spangled rodeo.  Top notes of lavender and jasmine, middle notes of amber, and bottom notes of cedarwood and exotic musk. 

"Sugar Cookie"- Seconds after this candle is lit, any space soon turns into an old French bakery. Top notes of sugar crystals, middle notes of bakery and cookie, and bottom notes of vanilla and butter.

"Bourbon Butterscotch"- Transform your room into a confectionery swirling with sweet air. top notes of butterscotch and cream , middle notes of bourbon whiskey, and bottom notes vanilla and musk.

"Bum Bum"- Light this candle and reminisce on your favorite beach trip. Top notes of coconut and pistachio ice cream, middle notes of vanilla musk, and bottom notes of salted caramel and sandalwood.

"Blueberry Cobbler"- Turn your house into grandmas kitchen when you light this candle. Top notes of sugared blueberries, middle notes of vanilla and spice, and bottom notes of fluffy pie crust.

"Watermelon Sugar"-Burn this candle to feel like you're riding around in the car, windows down in the summer sun with an ice cold watermelon lemonade.Top notes of juicy watermelon , middle notes of fresh squeezed lemon juice, and bottom notes of sugar crystals. 

"Fruity Pebbles"- This cereal-based candle will take you back to your childhood years! Top notes of orange, middle notes of lemon and lavender, and bottom notes of vanilla and sandalwood.

2. Select Your Metal Tin: 

- Peach 



3. Concoct the perfect message

Now that you've found your favorite scent and have your message ready, add me to the cart and simply enter your chosen scent, jar, and message into the "Notes" box at checkout.

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Rae of Sunshine | "Custom Label & Scent" Handmade Eco-Friendly Personalized Soy Wax Candle